Air transport is a key element of logistics that stands out for its speed and reliability of delivery. This type of transport is an ideal choice for urgent shipments and valuable cargo. For more than 15 years Caspian Logistics has been successfully leading in the sphere of transport services and our team of professionals is ready to help you to carry out air transportations from any part of the world

Our services

Aircraft options

Transportation can be carried out using specialized cargo aircraft or regular passenger aircraft, and can also be part of multimodal delivery.

Unparalleled speed

Air freight is synonymous with rapid transit, making it the perfect choice for time-sensitive deliveries.

Types of cargo

Our capabilities extend to a wide range of cargo types, from dangerous goods (ADR), temperature goods, clothing, medical tools and equipment, furniture, building materials and machinery, etc.

Cargo processing

We ensure that cargo undergoes thorough handling processes at airports, including security checks, loading and unloading, and customs inspections, with a strong emphasis on proper packaging and labeling for maximum safety and security.


Our team expertly handles all necessary documentation, encompassing airway bills, customs declarations, and export/import permits.

Real-Time tracking

Stay informed with our real-time cargo tracking services, enabling shippers and recipients to monitor their shipment's status and location.