Our 15 years of experience in logistics and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances make us a reliable and professional partner for the transport of various types of cargo. The company's specialization in groupage cargo (LTL) and full cargo (FTL) is a key advantage for shippers who want to save on the transportation of certain goods. The Caspian Logistics team will help you determine the best option based on your specific needs.

FTL shipping (Full Truckload) refers to transporting goods that fill up an entire truck. It's ideal for large shipments that can occupy the whole truck space or for shipments where the client prefers a dedicated truck for their goods.

Advantages of FTL shipping


FTL shipments typically travel directly from the point of origin to the destination without stops, making it faster.

Less handling

Since the cargo fills the entire truck, it remains in the same vehicle throughout the journey, reducing the risk of damage.

Greater capacity

FTL is perfect for large, bulky shipments, as it utilizes the full space of the truck.

Privacy and security

For sensitive or high-value goods, FTL offers more privacy and security since the cargo isn’t shared with other shipments.

LTL shipping (Less Than Truckload) is used for transporting smaller shipments that don’t require the full space of a truck. In LTL shipping, multiple clients' shipments are combined and transported in the same truck.

Advantages of LTL shipping


LTL is more affordable for shipments that aren't large enough to fill a truck, as the cost is shared among different clients.


LTL offers more flexibility for smaller or irregular shipments.


By consolidating shipments, LTL reduces the number of trucks on the road, leading to lower emissions.